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Our Mission


Influence exists to inspire and support people of all ages to live and work in harmony while fostering a sense of global responsibility and commitment to personal and collective sustainable development.

Our Vision


A world where People of all ages can live/work with higher levels of harmony, purpose and fulfilment is the perfect picture of the future that we see. 



Ubupfura, Ubutwari, and Ubutsinzi

According to Rwandan cultural understanding, Ubupfura is the highest noble human attitude: integrity, generosity, and more. We believe we can improve our ubupfura every day in everything we do 

Ubutwari simply means extraordinary strength and courage to commit and take action, even risky actions, for the sake of the common good. We dare and take action to support people and improve our communities 

Ubutsinzi is the value of excellence! In whatever we do, we aim for excellence and celebrate the joy that comes from inspiring people and supporting them to reach their potentials. Every individual supported and positively influenced to become more responsible, healthy and/or wealthy is our win.

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